Robert C. Snider

Product Developer / Computer Engineer
11 Fleet Court
Northport, NY 11768


Career History

  • 1998 - present. President of Digital Systems Consulting, Northport NY.
  • Designed and developed an application for controling a wireless microphone system using Java and TCP/IP.

    Enhanced the feature set of a broadcast-quality uncompressed HD video clip player and added 5.1 audio playback capability.

    Architected and implemented a Windows application in C++ for editing of automated audio mix files. Extended the application to enhance a real-time automation system for a digital mixing console.

    Added SNMP capability in Java to a network monitor and control system to allow enterprise management system visibility.

  • 1997 - 1998 Manager of Software Engineering, Satellite Transmission Systems, Hauppauge NY.
  • Chief System Architect for a distributed network management system written in Java and C++.  Technologies employed include TCP/IP sockets, JavaBeans, JDBC to MS-SQL server, COM, SNMP and distributed object communication. Directed a group of 10 developers.

  • 1991 - 1997 President of Digital Systems Consulting, Northport NY.
  • Architected a multi-processor real-time system controling multiple SHARC DSP chips for digital audio mixing.

    System Architect for a sound mixing application in C++ using Booch object-oriented methodology. Guided team of 6 developers implementing 135 classes in C++ as well as low-level embedded control software in C.

    Directed team of 10 software developers and designed architecture for a GUI controlling a digital audio recording and editing system on the Macintosh. This GUI was acclaimed as the most advanced, easy to use system for digital editing. Designed a dedicated hardware control panel to further enhance the user experience and operation.

    Designed and developed software control for a tape storage subsystem, and a system for multi-format surround sound monitoring, video and audio machine control.

  • 1988 - 1991 President of Digital Dynamics, Greenlawn NY
  • Conceived of the concept and design for the ProDisk-464, a 4 to 64 channel digital audio recording and editing system. Designed the system architecture and implemented Time Division Multiplexing and system control circuits using Xilinx Logic Cell Arrays to synchronize multiple processors. Designed key software architecture for distributed real time audio storage and DSP. Lead team of 5 engineers in system implementation.

    Built the initial management and engineering team, secured investors, developed marketing strategy and interfaced with the press, successfully launching the product. Responsible for strategic management and product development. Negotiated sale of the technology to a Japanese audio manufacturer.

  • 1984 - 1987 Project Engineer for Telebyte Technology, Greenlawn NY
  • Designed a portable serial data communications network analyzer.

    R&D team member developing high speed modem technology using DSP and proprietary modulation techniques. Wrote signal processing and simulation software.

    Wrote system level device drivers, tape backup and mainframe to PC data conversion software.