Robert C. Snider

Computer Scientist / Systems Architect
Digital Systems Consulting, Inc.
11 Fleet Court
Northport, NY 11768


Career History

  • 1998 - present PRINCIPAL, OWNER, CONSULTANT of Digital Systems Consulting, Northport NY.
  • Enhanced the feature set of a broadcast-quality uncompressed HD video clip player and added 5.1 audio playback and trimming capability.

    Architected and implemented a Windows application in VC++ for editing of automated audio mix files for a European customer. Extended the application to enhance a real-time automation system for a Digital Mixing console.

    Added SNMP agent capability in Java to a Network Monitor and Control system to allow an enterprise management system visibility into this system. Enabled the creation of managers of managers.

    Designed and Developed an embedded control application for TCP/IP control of a wireless audio system thru Ethernet using Java.

    Designed embedded software for a surrond sound console monitoring system with Sony P2 and GPIO machine control.

  • 1997 - 1998 Manager of Software Engineering, Satellite Transmission Systems, Hauppauge NY.
  • Chief System Architect for a Distributed Network Management system written in Java, C++ and VB.  Technologies employed include TCP/IP Sockets, JavaBeans, JDBC to MS-SQL server, ActiveX/COM components written in Java, SNMP, distributed object communication. Directed a group of 10 developers.

  • 1991 - 1997 PRINCIPAL, OWNER, CONSULTANT of Digital Systems Consulting, Northport NY.
  • System Architect for a multi-processor real-time UNIX system controling multiple SHARC DSP chips for digital audio mixing.

    Prepared an Internet server on a UNIX box (Linux) for TCP/IP inter-networking. Configured Ethernet, routing, DNS, Apache HTTP server, CGI, security, sendmail, etc. Simulated loading on a LAN. Deployed server online, connected to the Internet - SeekOne Web Services.

    System Architect for a Windows-95/NT 4.0 MFC application in C++ using Booch Object-Oriented methodology. Designed class structure and wrote code for key system classes. Implemented VxD for high speed serial communication. Guided team of 6 developers implementing 135 classes in Visual C++ as well as low-level embedded software in C for 68331 control processor.

    Directed team of 10 software developers and designed architecture for GUI controlling a digital audio recording and editing system on the Macintosh. This GUI was acclaimed as the most advanced, easy to use system for digital editing. Also designed a Hardware Control Panel to further enhance user operation.

    Designed and developed software for a variety of control applications in C. These included SCSI target mode code for a tape storage subsystem, and a system for multi-format surround sound monitoring, video and audio machine control.

    Interfaced with Key Customers and Beta Sites to ensure market success for new, developing products. Responsible for writing clear specifications that were both on target and able to be efficiently implemented.

  • 1988 - 1991 PRINCIPAL and HEAD OF DEVELOPMENT for Digital Dynamics, Greenlawn NY
  • Conceived of the concept and design for the ProDisk-464, a 4 to 64 channel digital audio recording and editing system. Designed the system architecture and implemented Time Division Multiplexing and System Control circuits using XILINX Logic Cell Arrays to synchronize multiple processors. Designed key software architecture for distributed real time audio storage and DSP. Lead team of 5 engineers in system implementation.

    Built the initial Management and Engineering Team, secured investors, developed marketing strategy and interfaced with the press, successfully launching the product. Responsible for strategic management and product development. Sold the product to a Japanese audio manufacturer.

  • 1987 - 1988 PRINCIPAL, CONSULTANT of Omnitrol, Kings Park NY
  • Developed MS-Windows application in C using SDK and DDE to control satellite earth station equipment through a serial data link. Designed communications protocol and hardware interface. Guided 2 employees in implementing complementary embedded software subsystems.
  • 1984 - 1987 PROJECT ENGINEER for Telebyte Technology, Greenlawn NY
  • Designed Hardware/Software for a portable data communications link analyzer that was half the price of competitive units. Designed and implemented error-rate test, emulation and monitoring software in C for Async, Burroughs, BiSync, HDLC, X.25, SDLC and SNA protocols.

    R&D team member developing high speed modem technology using DSP and proprietary modulation techniques over the switched phone system. Wrote signal processing and simulation software as well as DSP code for the TMS320.

    Other projects included writing system level device drivers for UNIX and MS-DOS as well as tape backup and mainframe/PC data conversion software.

  • Designed Stock Portfolio tracking, valuation and capital gains/loss system. The system would automatically connect to the Dow Jones mainframe to update the local data base of current trading prices. Ported the system to the IBM-PC when it became available.

    Designed a dBase system on the IBM-PC for recording contributions from 60,000 town residents for a non-profit organization. Imported and converted mainframe data to build the initial data base. Developed additional software to help increase donations and save on mailing costs.